TAV Georgia considers health & safety a priority among all its not least important activities. Significant steps are taken within the organization for putting Health & Safety procedures in place, which ensures a better working environment and protects from any possible dangers and unhealthy conditions posing the threat to our health.

TAV Georgia maintains full compliance with occupational safety practices and procedures detailed on work orders in order to protect passengers, guests and employees against accidents and unsafe environmental conditions that can easily trigger incidents.

The quality of work is a top priority for our employees. Ensuring such quality is only possible if employees follow Health & Safety procedures precisely in a safe environment provided by the employer.

The main goal at TAV Georgia is to produce safe, efficient and quality work. Our employees ensure their own safety by working with their employer to safeguard their own wellbeing and that of their families.

TAV Georgia has a necessary program which is put in practice, as well as the health & safety oriented work policy.

Legal Guidelines

TAV Georgia carries out its activities in accordance with local and international health & safety procedures, civil aviation and international norms. In the event that the above fail to satisfy all requirements or are not applicable measures are carried out as per general procedures of the sector and international practices.

Roles and Responsibilities

Our Health & Safety Policy, established by Health & Safety officers and approved by the management, is reviewed, updated and managed by Health & Safety personnel themselves. All employees work in collaboration as one team in order to achieve the goals set out in this policy. All departments are responsible for taking necessary actions relevant to their area of responsibility.

General Principles

TAV Georgia is committed to carrying out all its activities in accordance with the main principles of health & safety. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of health & safety for our employees, passengers and guests while we provide top quality aviation services. TAV Georgia has adopted the following principles in order to achieve this goal.

  • A systematic and innovative management has been adopted to comply with international standards, all ethical regulations and legal regulations of the country in relation to health & safety within our areas of responsibility.
  • Management systems have been established and implemented in operations to determine the factors that may cause work-related accidents and occupational illnesses, identify risks and manage them, protect the wellbeing of employees, maintain a healthy and safe work environment, regulate the procedures for taking necessary preventative measures and eliminate potential dangers by putting all the aforementioned into practice.
  • Implemented Health & safety measures contribute to the competitiveness of the operations as well as increasing manpower and productivity.
  • Employee knowledge is continuously improved through training, increased social and cultural activities and maximizing morale and motivation in terms of safety and efficiency.
  • TAV Georgia makes health & safety a priority in all activities, encouraging and supporting its partners and suppliers in this respect.
  • Work performance is monitored through a chain of responsibility, acting according to the principle that health & safety is improved through employee contribution.
  • It is the shared responsibility of TAV Georgia’s employees to achieve sustainability of improvement in H&S by relying on results-oriented data analysis and reviewing information obtained through regular employee assessments.

TAV Georgia performs risk analysis, identifying any and all potential dangers likely to occur during its activities. Dangers are evaluated according to the following criteria during risk analysis:

  • Probability
  • Intensity
  • Frequency (frequency of danger)

Corrective and preventative measures are put in place in order to keep risks under acceptable levels.

Works are carried out with continuous responsibility in relation to preventing accidents based on the source, and severity of the dangers as well as their impact on the environment. Health & Safety practices are continuously supported by the top management in respect of achieving the goals and targets specified. All personnel consider it as part of their job to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety policy, Goals & Targets, Legal and other regulations.

In General, the following is already in place at TAV Georgia in relation to Health & Safety:

  • Health & Safety Policy has been developed.
  • Goals and measurable targets have been specified.
  • Risk Analysis is carried out and reviewed by teams including personnel who Implement-Enforce-Monitor during procedures to eliminate dangers as a result of our activities.
  • Health & Safety training sessions for all personnel are organized by authorized specialists;
  • Necessary personal protective gear/products for all activities of the organization are supplied and employees are required to use these items.
  • Improving and reformative procedures have been established to prevent risks at their source.
  • Necessary periodical employee health checks are carried out regularly;
  • Occupational training sessions are organized by personnel to ensure employee efficiency.
  • Health & Safety officers have routine weekly and monthly meetings. Decisions made during these meetings are fully implemented.

TAV Georgia is committed and promises to work in accordance with a continuous development model and make these works sustainable in its activities with the awareness of its responsibilities for health and safety.

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