Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

TAV Georgia continues working on environmental issues based on the principle of sustainable development. This policy--according to which work is carried out--represents its leadership within the sector and the region.

Legal Outline
TAV Georgia implements all its activities in accordance with Local and International Environmental and Civil Aviation Legislation and Regulations. In the absence or insufficiency of the above, procedures applicable to the sector or international practices are followed.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Environmental Policy, which is outlined by the Management and approved by the General Manager, is reviewed, updated and managed by the Environmental Management Representative. All staff work together as a team to achieve goals set within the policy. All departments are responsible for taking and implementing necessary actions individually.

General Principles
TAV Georgia guarantees to carry out all its activities in accordance with environmental responsibility. Our goal is to achieve high environmental quality in respect of air, water and soil while we provide effective aviation services. To succeed in this, TAV Georgia has outlined the following principles:

  • Awareness - TAV Georgia strives to maintain environmental awareness amongst its staff, suppliers and others who share the terminal.
  • Practice - TAV Georgia promises to integrate the environmental management system into its own management system, carrying out regular reviews and assessments.
  • Pollution Prevention - TAV Georgia endeavors to prevent pollution and integrate waste minimization into its own processes. TAV Georgia regularly assesses the environmental pollution caused by utilization of natural sources and energy during its processes, continually searching for solutions to reduce these effects and implementing them.
  • Compliance with the Law - TAV Georgia manages its activities and their environmental impact in accordance with national and international laws, legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Goals and Targets - TAV Georgia reviews its environmental goals and targets through periodic assessments, renewing them as necessary.
  • Work Partners - TAV Georgia encourages direct suppliers, contractors and others who share the terminal to adopt similar environmental management systems.
  • Environmental Restoration - TAV Georgia carries out environmental restoration work at the airport, ensuring well maintained surroundings.
  • Transparency - TAV Georgia prepares annual reports, compiling information and values on its environmental management system and sharing this information with the public.
  • Emergency - In case of an accident or emergency that may arise during our activities, measures are taken and implemented to minimize environmental damage.

With continual responsibility, work is carried out to prevent pollution based on source, volume and its impact on the environment. Top Management consistently supports the work carried out in the Environmental Management System to achieve its goals. All staff considers it part of their job to follow all procedures outlined in the Environmental Policy; goals and targets and other legal and necessary practices.
TAV Georgia monitors the impact of its activities on the environment and, according to these assessment results, act to minimize the impact of these activities by planning and implementing formative and corrective practices. All work is monitored and reviewed by the Environmental Management System Group consisting of various disciplines within the organization.

The related tasks which have been carried out are listed as follows:

  • Environmental Policy was formulated.
  • Environmental goals and measurable targets were identified.
  • Impact of our activities on the environment has been determined through a size and impact analysis.
  • Training sessions are being held on the environmental management system and related work.
  • Our operation established a Waste Management Plan covering all our activities.
  • Bacteriological tests are also carried out.
  • Energy management work is also being carried out;
  • In accordance with legal regulations and contracts signed with local administrations and corporations authorized by the Ministry of Environment; waste sorting operations are being carried out as per our Waste Management Plan. In this way, the negative impact of waste on the environment is minimized. 
  • LED technology and economical lighting are being used for energy savings.
  • Cost-effective usage of natural resources has been put in place through the application of dropping systems for the purpose of minimizing water consumption in landscaping.

With its responsibility for environmental protection in mind, TAV Georgia promises to continue to work in accordance with a continual improvement model and to ensure that this work is sustainable.

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